Yoga Classes in Rishikesh: Road To Obtaining A Healthy and Fit Lifestyle

You must have heard that Yoga is a great thing for you. Possibly you may have practiced it once in a while and realized that it rejuvenates your body and mind altogether. Recognized as ‘the world capital of yoga’, Rishikesh is a destination in India that has a number of yoga schools and centers.  Yoga classes in Rishikesh can provide all types of mental and physical health advantages. Things like enhanced elasticity are clearly evident whereas mental alertness and stress reduction are a bit subtle but very strong. However when put together all these aspects contribute to an enhanced human well-being, that helps explain why folks think yoga so attractive and useful.

Physical Benefits

Elasticity: Moving and twisting your body parts in new ways will not only lend flexibility but your tight areas will receive great motion including hamstrings, back, shoulders and more. With age the elasticity of body reduces naturally which results in increased pain and immobility. Enrolling for Yoga Classes in Rishikesh can mitigate this process to a large extent.

Power: Certain yoga postures need the support of your body weight, for instance Tree Pose means balancing on one leg or Downward Facing Dog which is performed by arms support. Holding such postures for few seconds helps naturally build body power and strength.

Tonned muscles: As you get strong, your muscles feel increasingly tonned. Rishikesh is a wonderful place to practice yoga so as to maintain long, lean muscles.

Balance: As you age, yoga is something that enhances body balance. Postures such as standing on one leg and inversions are simply amazing to build inner core strength and body balance.

Joint Health: Those who are suffering from arthritis often witness a great improvement in pain and mobility with consistent yoga retreat in Rishikesh. Even certain yoga poses have proven to be very beneficial for people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Mental Benefits

Mental alertness and calmness: Since yoga is intensely physical, paying attention to what is your body doing helps in leaving a calming effect on mind. Yoga is an impressive meditation technique that helps you watch your breath and you also learn to disentangle from any thoughts acquiring your mind at that time. These things are very instrumental in handling difficult situations such as childbirth, problem of insomnia, anxiety and more. Hence your mental alertness and calmness is increased remarkably.

Reduction of stress: Stress is the biggest problem faced by millions of people around the world and yoga is a physical activity that makes your life stress-free. Since your concentration improves, your daily problems, big or small just go away while you are on the mat practicing your asanas in the majestic surrounding of Rishikesh. Besides you also get a much-required break from hectic life schedules, thereby helping you to solve your problems with much ease and presence of mind. In Rishikesh when you will attend a yoga class, it is certain that you will leave it less stressed than when you entered.

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Dr. Neetu Singh is an expert Yoga teacher instruct yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. Our Ayur Yoga School provide professional Yoga Courses in Rishikesh. For more details at


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